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Holistic Practitioners And Medical Licensing

Holistic medicine is a unique approach to the ailments generally experienced by the human body. Holistic medicine is sometimes referred to as traditional medicine or Eastern medicine and is sharply contrasted with Modern medicine which is often called western medicine. The key difference in these two medicinal standpoints is the concept of isolation versus inclusion. In Western medicine, the various parts of the body are isolated from one another and treated individually. Western medicine operates generally on the Theory of Disease. This theory suggests that any ailment that a patient is experiencing is a direct result of some type of disease or sickness that has been contracted. Therefore, pain in the stomach is only caused by a disease of the stomach. Pain in the back is only caused by a disease or injury sustained to the back. While this concept is sometimes supported by medical research, holistic practitioners believe that it is a very narrow minded approach to medicine.

Holistic practitioners, on the other hand, practice medicine that involves inclusion rather than isolation. Holistic doctors believe that no single field of medicine can promise to have all of the answers. In some cases, mental therapy will work better than medication. In other cases acupuncture may work better than chiropractic techniques. Holistic doctors strive to understand how the entire human body is interacting with itself in order to uncover the underlying cause for any particular ailment. Instead of attributing back pain to a back injury and prescribing medication, a holistic doctor will evaluate the emotions of the patient, the lifestyle of the patient, the nutrition and diet of the patient, and so forth.

Holistic Doctors

Some individuals who practice holistic medicine are not actually licensed physicians. These individuals might include professionals such as massage therapists, aromatherapists, acupuncture and acupressure specialists, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, or physical therapists. However, some holistic practitioners are actually licensed physicians with their own practices who have studied some holistic methods and who use a holistic approach when diagnosing patients. These individuals understand that Western medicine is not always the most effective way to treat patients with ailments or illnesses. Individuals who seek out licensed doctors who use holistic methods may be able to access the best of both worlds.

Finding a Holistic Physician

If you are looking for a holistic practitioner in your general area, your best resource is probably the internet. By performing a simple internet search for holistic medicine establishments in your area, you can find a list of potential locations with holistic methods. However, the only way to decide which holistic practitioner is right for you is to visit a practitioner and evaluate him or her specifically. Often, the decision involved in choosing a physician is based largely on how comfortable you feel with an individual. If you are not comfortable with your physician, you may be disinclined to ask important questions or share various aspects of your physical and mental well-being with that individual so that you can receive treatment.

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