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Holistic Practitioners And Beauty

Holistic medicine is increasing in popularity in the Western world as more and more consumers rely on natural products instead of artificially produced items. As the "green" and organic trends sweep across the United States, many consumers are becoming more interested in the concept of holistic medicine and the idea of visiting a holistic practitioner as a way of dealing with commonly experienced ailments such as physical discomfort, stress and anxiety. Holistic medicine differs from Western medicine in that symptoms are not dismissed and simply eliminated. Instead, holistic practitioners strive to evaluate symptoms as messages from the mind and the body. By evaluating all of the aspects of a patient's life, holistic practitioners can often identify causes of symptoms and treat the causes rather than simply masking the symptoms. Holistic medicine is sometimes criticized by Western medical professionals because of its roots in spirituality or mysticism. Because many of the practices were developed in ancient Asian cultures where spirituality was very significant, the practices often do not have bundles of scientific research to support the effectiveness of the methods. However, just because the methods are spiritually based does not mean that they do not have scientific merit.

One of the holistic medicine fields of study is in skin care and beauty treatments. Many consumers are relying on holistic practitioners to provide them with a beauty regimen that is different from the artificially produced regimens on the market today.

The Concept of Physical Beauty from a Holistic Standpoint

Physical beauty is approached much differently by a holistic practitioner. Instead of striving to use artifice to mask problems with the complexion or with body image, a holistic practitioner strives to actually improve the health of the skin and improve the body as a whole. As such, holistic medicine for beauty relies on natural products that derive from plant and mineral sources. Instead of painting your face with makeup to hide blemishes, scars or other skin ailments, holistic practitioners will provide you with healthy skin regimens that will naturally provide your skin with even coloring and a healthy glow. This is just one example of holistic methods being used to treat the problem and not simply mask the symptoms. Natural products provided by holistic practitioners are safe to use on all skin types and will not impart dangerous or unhealthy chemicals onto your skin. Many cosmetic products on the market today actually cause further damage to the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is all that protects are inside organs from the dangers of the elements.

Beauty Treatments for the Mind and the Soul

Holistic practitioners will not simply stop at providing you with holistic skin treatments for improving your beauty. Instead, holistic practitioners will evaluate your mind and emotions to determine what, if anything, is destroying your body image and causing you to feel stressed or embarrassed. By uncovering these issues, holistic practitioners can help you to truly feel beautiful on the inside rather than simply achieve superficial beauty on the outside.

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