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Holistic Practitioners Doing Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy

Holistic medicine and homeopathic methods of reducing stress and physical discomfort are gaining popularity in the United States. For centuries, these medical methods were used in Asian cultures as a way of healthfully and naturally dealing with ailments and issues commonly experienced by humans. Holistic medicine deals with the body as a whole and never tries to mask symptoms of pain and discomfort by treating them with medication. The pain that is experienced by the body and delivered to your brain is a way for the body to tell you that something is seriously wrong. Our bodies are not meant to experience pain when everything is functioning normally. Pain is an indicator. Western physicians who try to mask pain by using medication are doing the human body a huge disservice. If your friend wrote you a letter, you wouldn't rip it up before evaluating and trying to understand the contents. The same is true for the messages being sent to you by your body. Holistic medicine strives to understand the underlying causes of many different physical ailments and pain signals. Then, once the cause is understood, holistic treatment methods are used to fix the problem and not just mask the symptom. One common way of dealing with muscle or joint pain is by getting a massage. A massage is a holistic treatment method that involves using touch therapy to relax tight muscles and work out any knots or injuries that may have occurred.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are many benefits to getting a massage regularly. First, a massage can help to counteract the effects of a hectic or stressful lifestyle. When we encounter emotional stress in our daily lives, that stress is often converted to physical discomfort or imbalance. If you sit at a computer desk all day and answer phones or deal with tough customers, you might naturally begin to slouch which can cause serious discomfort. A massage can help to realign your muscles and remove any built up tension that you may be carrying because of stresses in your life. A massage is also a way to build in a period of rest and relaxation into your day. Because our lives are so stressful, we often find it hard to take even a moment to rest unless it is scheduled in our calendars. If you make an appointment to have a massage, you will have scheduled an hour devoted entirely to rest and relaxation.

Aromatherapy in Conjunction with a Massage

Sometimes, aromatherapy is used in conjunction with a massage because it has the potential to exponentially improve the results of the massage. Different aromas have the potential to create certain physical and emotional responses. For example, citrus scents have been shown to invigorate and reenergize while mint and eucalyptus have been shown to sooth and calm the individual who smells the aromas. When oils that are infused with various aromas are used in a massage treatment, the effects of the massage can be more substantial.

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